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Appu Mini digital( Honey Comb Hay-pad)

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Quick Overview

Appu Mini digital

  • Product dimension (LxBxH):588mm x 501mm x 743mm
  • Dura-pump Technology
  • Cool flow Dispenser
  • Powerful Air Throw with Auto swing
  • Automatic vertical swing
  • Manual horizontal swing
  • Cooling Area (Mtr.3/Ft.3):71/2500
  • Crooning performance
  • 40 litre water tank capacity
  • Honey  comb hay-pad for efficient cooling
  • Multi-direction wheel for smooth mobility
  • Power:110 watts
  • operating voltage:230 volts
  • Free trolley

Appu Mini digital

  • Product dimension (LxBxH):588mm x 501mm x 743mm
  • Dura-pump Technology
  • Cool flow Dispenser
  • Powerful Air Throw with Auto swing
  • Automatic vertical swing
  • Manual horizontal swing
  • Cooling Area (Mtr.3/Ft.3):71/2500
  • Crooning performance
  • 40 litre water tank capacity
  • Honey  comb hay-pad for efficient cooling
  • Multi-direction wheel for smooth mobility
  • Power:110 watts
  • operating voltage:230 volts
  • Free trolley


  1. Take out the cooler safely out of the carton. Remove all protective covers. Place it on trolley. Set the cooler in the position where the intake of air is higher i.e., open window, for effective cooling. Make sure the cooler is not placed in a closed room.
  2. Lid of the cooler is on top and water level indicator is at bottom, open the lid and fill tank with sufficient water through openable spout in front. It is suggested to add icecubes for faster cooling.
  3. Switch on the cooler by plugging it into the power source. Enjoy and relax with the natural cooling.


  • -Press POWER button for ON/OFF
  • -For ON Icon will glow GREEN
  • -For OFF Icon will glow RED

  • -Press COOL button for ON/OFF
  • -Cool Icon will glow when switched On.

  • Fan Icon will automatically glow when started.
  • -Press button for HIGH, MEDIUM and LOW Speeds, as per your requirements.(Which button?)

  • -For SWING press the button ON.
  • -The Icon will glow when switched ON.

Touch panel
  • -remote control


  • Plug in cooler to power source and Switch ON.
  • Set the control knob to ON.
  • Let the cooling pad get wet.
  • Set controls as desired.
  • Adjust the Horizontal Louver manually as desired.
  • Turn the control knob to HIGH for maximum cooling.

Part's Description


  1. Disconnect the power cord before servicing or maintenance.
  2. DO NOT make loose wiring or use inferior material in servicing or maintenance to avoid fire hazard.
  3. In case of electric shock on cooler, please stop the device, and contact the authorized service provider immediately.
  4. Disconnect the power supply before opening any cover to avoid injury due to rotating parts or electric shock.
  5. For cleaning the cooling pad, first unplug the cooler, then apply low water pressure on cooling pad from outside by the help of pipe. Cooling Pad must be cleaned atleast once a year, depending on the surrounding environment.
  6. It is suggested not to open cooler under any circumstances without proper training and knowledge.
  7. For any query or difficulty you can contact SEP authorized service provider.
  8. Periodic Maintenance is required to keep the Air Cooler in good condition and effective functioning.



  • -Drain plug is given at the lower back side.
  • -Remove the drain plug and drain out all the residual water.
  • -It is advisable to drain water on regular basis, for better performance and longer life of parts.


  • -Disconnect the cooler from the power source before cleaning the water tank.
  • -Clean the evaporative pad using the hose-spray until the deposited dust is removed.
  • -Remove the drain plug to agitate the leftover muddy water in the tank, gently shake the air cooler by holding the housing from outside and re-fix the drain plug.
  • -To avoid sedimentation/accumalations of foreign materials which may affect pump functions/parts, it is advised to clean the water tank in every 15-20 days.
  • -Repeat the process one more time by adding some clean water.

Safety Instructions :

  • - SEP Coolers run on 230 Volt AC, 50 HZ current. Please ensure that your household voltage matches with the appliance's rate specification.
  • - Unplug and disconnect the cooler from power source before servicing, cleaning or filling water.
  • - In case, supply cord gets damaged, it must be replaced by authorized dealer or manufacturer or service agents only. Operating fan/blower with a damaged power cord or plug could be dangerous. Return the damaged cord to authorized service facility for exchange or return.
  • - To avoid electric shock, connect only to an outlet provided with a ground-fault-circuit interrupting device (ELCB - Earth Leakage Current Breaker)
  • - It is advised that this appliance must not be operated by physically/mentally handicaped persons, small children less than 3 years and the person with less experience or knowledge without supervision or instruction. In case they stay near the appliance they must be continously supervised.
  • - Children aged from 3 years and less than 8 years shall only switch on/off the appliance provided that it has been placed or installed in its intended normal operating position and they have given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance in a safe way and understand the hazards involved, children must not plug-in, regulate and clean the appliance or perform user maintenance.
  • - This appliance must not be used in locations where special conditions prevail, these would include areas with proximity to corrosive or exposed atmosphere (vapour or gas). Kindly maintain discretion of use.

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This warranty is extended towards the original buyer (first retail purchaser)

We extend this limited warranty to the original buyer (first retail purchaser)
and warranty that the product shall be free from manufacturing defects in workmanship
and materials for 12 months from the date of purchase.
1) Warranty will come in the effect when the following conditions are met with :
a) Warranty registration card duly filled and received by the company within 15 days from the date of purchase,
b) Product is operated following the recommendations explained inside the user manual.
2) Change of address of the customers must be intimated to the company without which the warranty shall not be operational.
3) The company's liability under the warranty will be limited only to motor, pump, louver motor, remote, PCB and also restricted
to any such defect which occurs under conditions of normal operations and under proper use. Any part/s replaced by the company at
its discretion shall be a functionally operative unit.
4) This warranty shall not apply to product:
a) Which have not been purchased from authorized distributor through their network or company's authorized retail stores,
b) Which have been altered/opened by any other personnel not authorized by the company,
c) Incorrectly used in combination with any other substance or products,
d) Which are used for commercial purpose,
e) Which develops due to faulty care or maintenance and alterations to product or its parts,
f) Which is subjected to electrical supply for which the product is not designed,
g) Warranty shall be void if the product is operated with a sub-standard inverter or non-sine wave inverter,
h) If documentation of buying is not available to validate an original purchase.
5) This warranty shall automatically get terminated on expiry of the warranty period of 12 months from the date of purchase even if product is unused at any time for any reason whatsoever.
6) Cooling pads and outer plastic parts are not covered under warranty.
7) While the company will make every effort to carry out the repairs at the earliest, it however is made expressly clear that the company is under no obligation to do so in a specified period of time.
8) During the warranty, customer is not entitled for any exchange of product or refund money.
9) The company shall not be liable in any case for any loss or damage caused to any property, death or disability caused to any human life arising out of fire, electrical fault, short circuit, accidental handling or any kind of natural calamity. As, such the company's liability is limited to the cost of the spare parts of the said products only.
10) Due to ongoing research and development, the company holds the rights to modify the product without any prior notice or obligation to buyers.
11) Purchaser should retain the purchase bill as evidence of the date of purchase.
12) Service for this product shall be provided by a Local Distributor or Authorized Service Provider. You can register warranty by sending a photocopy of card along with the copy of product purchase bill to the below mentioned address. You may wish to send us the scanned copy of warranty card and product purchase bill on e-mail address: care@sepcoolers.com
13) The Court/Consumer forums only at Vadodara, India, shall have exclusive jurisdiction for any disputes arising out of this sale/transaction.
14) Warranty outside India will be given by local distributor only.
15) To register service request in India you may call us on 1800-843-1555 or you may log on to www.sepcoolers.com/service.

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Dust or wipe clean with a cloth dampened with water once a week. Be sure not to leave water spots on the surface. These water spots will dry and could possibly leave permanent marks.

Clean stains/spots using the following steps: Dampen a soft cloth with a mixture of hot water and liquid dishwashing detergent. Wring the cloth as much as possible to remove excess liquid. Rub the surface lightly in a circular motion. Dry the surface immediately with a clean, soft towel.